10 Power Words for Branding — Why You Should Use Them

The English Language – Use Your Power Words

Emotion is a helpful way to connect to a brand’s audience. Historically, that hasn’t always been the case — to use powerful words to affect people on an emotional level. With the developing technology brings just as many challenges and opportunities for branding. For companies to brand and market their products and services, engaging in creativity to use power words to engage an audience on an emotional level is the best way — because humans are emotional beings.

the power of words to compel your reader to action.

Great & simple way to engage. Make a statement – Influence to action- tell the reader why. 

The Exclusive Power of Words in Marketing

Until the late 1960s, the tone of branding in modern American society was technical with an emphasis on the commercial pricing, promotion, bargains and distribution of goods and services. However, with a booming industrial technology and non-profit sector growth into mainstream branding, marketers had to adapt to an growing consumer market. 

By the  1970s, the concept of marketing underwent a fundamental change known as the “broadening of marketing” movement. The technically focused marketing theories ignored non-profit organizations such as museums, churches, and social agencies. Scholars and marketing minds realized a benefit for non-profit organizations through a broadened concept of commercial (for-profit) marketing.

The immediate problem facing the broadening movement was language. The lexicon of narrow marketing with a focus on three specifics. 

  • How much a product or service cost.
  • What it could produce.
  • Where to distribute.

The solution was to target the emotional and spiritual hearts of for-profit and non-profit consumers alike using words and phrases designed to evoke sympathy and imagery.

For example, a marketing campaign for an automobile would influence consumers to picture themselves enjoying a new car rather than diving right into the specs. Using a similar framework, that same marketing team could influence consumers to imagine themselves spending quality time at a museum.

The Top-10 Words for Copywriting

There are dozens of convincing branding words out there. Below is a list of ten words found to be the most powerful from research conducted in the 1960s across the University of California, Duke University, and Yale University. Use these within the subject lines of your emails to prospective customers on your email list. Even better, add them to your headlines for your blog posts to get more visitors searching for your goods and services. 

  • discover
  • easy
  • proven
  • save
  • money
  • guarantee
  • health
  • happiness
  • love
  • results

These words (blended into emotional context) influence an emotional response to most prospective customers into imagining their lives improved by the good or service.

Sales email copy with the highest conversion rates will often begin with the right words and phrases such as, “Imagine if…,” “Like you…,” and “Picture yourself…” 


A piece of marketing content has seconds to capture the reader’s attention. 

Imagery created by powerful branding language can generate sympathy by focusing on the reader’s desire, compelling them to action.

Power Branding to Boost Engagement 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

One of the most powerful tools in digital marketing is social media. With access through smartphones, tablets, and laptops, millions are connected to a multitude of social media sites. Any time, day or night, the opportunities exist for brands to connect with their audience. Power branding your company image and mission through marketing words and imagery, you will leave the audience with a feeling about who you are. The bottom line is compel your audience to take action when used with a call to action. 

To stand out amongst the vast field of competition, smart marketers know they must capture a prospective customers’ attention with persuasive words that are emotional SEO driven content with articles and through advertisements such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  All successful marketing concepts can come full-circle to one binding force – the use of power words. 

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